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Flourishing Over The Ruins
A Minor Fall, A Major Lift
Sometimes when bones break, the fracture may not heal fully or in the correct alignment.  This non-union or malunion produces deformity, reduces functionality, and causes pain.
In these circumstances, the bone is often re-broken and set anew.  The uncomfortable natural mending process still applies, but the results are worth it.

Life is good.  I'm excited about what's next.  I'm all in.
(just ignore the occasional whining)

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I originally made a post like this 5 years ago.

Today I thought, "I kind of love my ridiculous collection...I should probably inflict it on others."
I think half of the reason to own movies is to be able to loan them out, so please feel free to ask if you're in my area (or, at least, I could see you a couple times a year).

* = blu-ray
++ = I could part with this, want a free movie?
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From the Official Rules of American Eagle's "Win AE Jeans For A Year Contest":

"If a prospective winner is Canadian he or she will be required to correctly answer without assistance of any kind, a timed mathematical skill-testing question administered by telephone, e-mail or other delivery method selected at the sole discretion of Sponsor."

Is this a common practice?

The Bottomline: amused Year Of Jeans = $500 Gift Card
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Heath ScreeningApril 23, 2008June 24, 2009
Triglycerides<150 mg/dL10048
Total Cholesterol<200 mg/dL127128
HDL Cholesterol>50 mg/dL3750
Non-HDL Cholesterol<130 mg/dL8978
LDL Cholesterol<100 mg/dL6968
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio<
Fasting Glucose60-99 mg/dL-80
Nonfasting Glucose<140 mg/dL96-
Blood Pressure<120/80 mmHg106/5296/42
BMI18.5-24.9 kg/m22521
Body Composition20%-31% (non-athlete)29.621

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Been a while, highlights:

Ice storm in February had me without power for over a week. My friends Ross and Heather, who live in Cape, graciously let me stay in their guest room for the duration. I was without internet/cable for over a month. I ended up upgrading my dinky Razor for a Blackberry Bold to stay connected, which I love and am using to write this.

Moved to Cape (~30K) from Dexter (~3K) in March. Joined the best gym ever. life is good. Live farther from work, but carpool now. Getting really good at sleeping on the way.

Went to Disney World for the first time in April. I regressed to a little kid and enjoyed the heck out of Epcot.

Nestle has been in the process of rolling out a new world-wide focus on lean/CI principles. I'm in the first wave of US Purina employees to get Green Belt training. Pretty exciting.

I went to Memphis in May with Jenni. I feared for my life at least twice, attracted some Grade A creepers, pulld my arm rocking out too hard, and generally had a great time.
For Memorial Day weekend I went camping near Chattanooga with my Cape friends Laura, Ross, Heather, and their kids. Gorged ourselves on marshmallows. I got to do a tandem hanggliding flight up to 2000' barefoot. I'll never forget seeing my shadow on the clouds below me.
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I love my Prius. I love the built-in GPS and Bluetooth phone connection. I love the key-less entry and push-button start and leather seats. I love how it accelerates and handles and brakes on a dime. I love how its shape is easy for me to spot in parking lots around here. I love it every time I go to the gas pump.
I hate how low the front bumper is.

In addition to the famous "Prius Blind Spot," they're also known for getting a little too friendly with parking blocks, curbs, uneven roads, and sloped driveways.

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As we drove off I commented on how classy it was that I drive a loaded sleek hybrid machine that has a front bumber held together with zip ties, duct tape, and stop watch cord. That's when Jeff hearkened back to a previous discussion on how my car doesn't have a name and dubbed my beauty "Ghetto FabPrius."
...like ghetto fabulous...get it? GET IT???

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And now a noble thought on Dental X-Rays from SteapandCheap's The Daily Dose:
"I know they say it's a small amount of radiation, but I still think that blasting radioactivity into your skull at any level is likely a bad idea. I need to save those brain cells so I have something to kill with plastic-bottle whiskey."

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Randomly entered a few slogans in at Threadless.

YOUR MOM...is actually a nice lady.

Ode to Dad:
You may run faster, but I have a longer memory.

Ode to Mom:
If you don't have anything nice to say, just sit down next to me.

Vote yah or nay, if you feel up to it. Just remember, I'm judging you right now.

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For the last four months I've been working 2nd shift as part of my training program at work. I've been working a lot of overtime with 12 hour shifts and weekends. Seriously, a lot.
Life has consisted largely of working, sleeping, and sneaking in gym visits. I should be back on first shift in a couple of weeks, though.
Last month I didn't turn on my tv once.
Apparently my dvd player decided to give up the ghost during that time, so I have to watch my new tv show addiction, Bones, on my wee laptop screen until I decide what to replace it with (I'm thinking I might as well upgrade to a blu ray...once I get over the sticker shock).
Speaking of my tv show addictions...Dexter married his sister?

I have my first iPod, which I use to listen to The Killers, Coldplay, and other bands you like. I'm not sure why I didn't have one before. It's awesome.

Over the last 9 months I've lost about 20 pounds, which I had gained over the previous year and a half. I think I've hit a bit of a plateau as of late, but I'm pretty proud that I've been keeping up with my regular gym visits. I definitely feel a lot healthier and stronger...and feistier. Also, I'm about 50 times more likely to spontaneously start dancing in front my my full-length mirror (which is kind of saying something).

Tyler recently moved to Florida to work for his dream company - Lockheed Martin. Yes, the Lockheed Martin.
He'll work 9 hour days and gets every other Friday off. They give him a gym allowance (my HR manager still hasn't agreed with my great plan to build a huge gym right on plant property...ha). He makes 10k more than his old job and might get a security clearance (!!!!). It's 80 degrees there and the streets are lined with palm trees (it' 30-40 degree here). In short, he's got the world at his feet and I couldn't possibly be happier for him.
We've been dating three years as of mid-December. Wo-ah.

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I just started my third week on second shift.  That's 3-11pm, Monday through Friday.  Second shift seems to work really well for me so far...It's going to make visits interesting for a while, though.
FYI, I'm a manager trainee at a Nestle Purina plant and part of my training program involves a tour of back shift supervising (you know, to develop leadership skills and gain a greater understanding of what I'll be potentially managing someday).
I actually entered the supervising stage about two months early in one of the most intense roles in the plant right now - Material Handling Supervisor/Production Data Coordinator/Receiving.  It's definitely a challenge and I'm pretty excited about that.  Seriously, I'm absolutely, positively, thrilled to be so busy and learning so much and making positive contributions to the company.  The world is at my feet.

I've been working a whole lot, which I really like right now (that "I'm accomplishing something" thrill mixed with a dash of beaucoup positive feedback).  However, I have an increasing desire for adventure in my off hours.  Girlfriend wants to do something amazing and live it up...as soon as I have weekend free. 
Wanna go adventuring?

I need a good book to read. Something lighter than the holocaust memoirs I'll be sandwiching it between, yet not brain rotting. Nothing that might feature a flowing-haired Fabio on the cover.

"Man is capable of changing the world for the better if possible, and of changing himself for the better if necessary."
~ Viktor E. Frankl

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In the past two weeks I have laid down my head in:
Independence, MO (Alpha Phi Omega NVC)
Dexter, MO (Jiggity Jig)
St. Louis, MO (Work)
Tampa, FL (Work)
Monett, MO (Boyfriend)
Denver, CO (Work)
Cape Girardeau, MO (Friend)
It's been a bit wild and exhausting, but I've really enjoyed it.  Back to the quiet life now, though.

Life is pretty good.
I've been accumulating good times with good folks, with a few eye-opening, life-altering experiences sprinkled in here and there.  I miss people and I suck at communication.  I'm trying to learn to drink beer.  I've become obsessed with Sephora.  The Killers are my favorite band right now.  My two dogs, Spatula and Daisy, are completely adorable.

Ha, maybe in a couple months I'll work my way up to making a real post.  In the meantime, I wish every last one of you days filled with awesome.

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