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The Pudding - Flourishing Over The Ruins
A Minor Fall, A Major Lift
The Pudding
Heath ScreeningApril 23, 2008June 24, 2009
Triglycerides<150 mg/dL10048
Total Cholesterol<200 mg/dL127128
HDL Cholesterol>50 mg/dL3750
Non-HDL Cholesterol<130 mg/dL8978
LDL Cholesterol<100 mg/dL6968
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio<
Fasting Glucose60-99 mg/dL-80
Nonfasting Glucose<140 mg/dL96-
Blood Pressure<120/80 mmHg106/5296/42
BMI18.5-24.9 kg/m22521
Body Composition20%-31% (non-athlete)29.621

The Bottomline: pleased pleased
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