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I am made of magic. - Flourishing Over The Ruins
A Minor Fall, A Major Lift
I am made of magic.
For the last four months I've been working 2nd shift as part of my training program at work. I've been working a lot of overtime with 12 hour shifts and weekends. Seriously, a lot.
Life has consisted largely of working, sleeping, and sneaking in gym visits. I should be back on first shift in a couple of weeks, though.
Last month I didn't turn on my tv once.
Apparently my dvd player decided to give up the ghost during that time, so I have to watch my new tv show addiction, Bones, on my wee laptop screen until I decide what to replace it with (I'm thinking I might as well upgrade to a blu ray...once I get over the sticker shock).
Speaking of my tv show addictions...Dexter married his sister?

I have my first iPod, which I use to listen to The Killers, Coldplay, and other bands you like. I'm not sure why I didn't have one before. It's awesome.

Over the last 9 months I've lost about 20 pounds, which I had gained over the previous year and a half. I think I've hit a bit of a plateau as of late, but I'm pretty proud that I've been keeping up with my regular gym visits. I definitely feel a lot healthier and stronger...and feistier. Also, I'm about 50 times more likely to spontaneously start dancing in front my my full-length mirror (which is kind of saying something).

Tyler recently moved to Florida to work for his dream company - Lockheed Martin. Yes, the Lockheed Martin.
He'll work 9 hour days and gets every other Friday off. They give him a gym allowance (my HR manager still hasn't agreed with my great plan to build a huge gym right on plant property...ha). He makes 10k more than his old job and might get a security clearance (!!!!). It's 80 degrees there and the streets are lined with palm trees (it' 30-40 degree here). In short, he's got the world at his feet and I couldn't possibly be happier for him.
We've been dating three years as of mid-December. Wo-ah.

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