Flourishing Over The Ruins

A Minor Fall, A Major Lift

29 May 1983
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Save the Net

Heard the Word of Blog?

I'm a female Industrial Engineering student.
I also have asite, asketch, a Xanga and a website.
Oh, and two deviantart accounts: spats and spats-stock.
I have wishlists at ThinkGeek and Amazon.
My volunteering love goes to Alpha Phi Omega and Habitat for Humanity.
My Philanthropic love goes to Heifer International, the Red Cross, and Habitat.
I have 5-7 piercings in my ears and no tattoos.
I like to draw and mess around in photoshop.
I'm a dog person.
Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of my favorite authors.
I was struck by lightening in the summer of 1997.
I can neither sing nor spell well.
I'm pretty happy with my life and who I am.
If I had one word to describe myself it would be "multi-faceted."
I don't really like sandwiches or salads (but I do like sushi!).
My computer has blue neon lights and a temperature display in it.
Pigs are my favorite animal, but monkey's run a close second.
I don't believe in love at first sight.
I am addicted to sugar.
I have no free time. Ever.

I'm done now.
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